Behsazan Sanaye Khavarmianeh

Behsazan Middle East Industries Company was registered in Isfahan’s Companies Registration Office on 8/23/1997 with No. 16420 and is one of the companies of Touka Foolad Investment Holding Contracting Group. Providing technical and engineering services in the field of keeping and protecting production lines in various industries, including the steel industry, is the main activity of this company. Behsazan Company currently has a significant share of repairs in Mobarakeh Steel Company, Hormozgan Steel Company, and other steel production industries in this important field. In addition, the company has been qualified to enter the engineering, supply, construction, and installation EPC projects by taking advantage of the valuable experiences of long-term presence in various industries of the country and having a well-equipped manufacturing workshop, and now more than ten projects in this field in It is running in different parts of the country.

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